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Take advantage of end-to-end property management service that puts your needs first.

Why choose us

Zero Stress

Just sit back, and watch the rental returns come in. There’s literally nothing else for you do worry about when you partner with our proven end-toend management service.

Imagine, No more worrying about…

Legislative compliance... Finding new, qualified tenants... Late night phone calls about maintenance issues... Dealing with problematic tenants… Or vacant properties keeping you up at night..

We take care of it all, professionally. We manage 200 of our own properties, and deploy the exact same proven processes to give other landlords like yourself the ultimate hands-off experience…

So you can focus on what’s really important to you.

No Fixed Contracts

Our clients are our family. We don’t believe in trapping or tying you down with fixed contracts, as we pride ourselves in our service. We know that once you experience our professional, ZERO hassle, ZERO fuss property management solution, you’ll want to keep working with us.

Unlike other companies that spin complicated contracts hoping to trap you once things go wrong, our #1 priority is to know your needs, and put them first. A formula we believe in. No shortcuts.

However, if you’re disappointed for any reason, let us know and we’ll be sure to solve it. And if you are still unhappy with our service? Simply give us 30 days notice to end the agreement. It’s as simple as that.

ZERO hassle, ZERO fuss. The way property management was always meant to be.

Proven Track Record

Since property management is an unregulated industry, there seems to be a property manager on every street corner in Auckland... how can you know who to trust with your most valuable asset?

As investors ourselves, we understand exactly how you feel. The Clarke Group team has built over $100 million worth of property here in Auckland and continues to manage it to this day. So we know what it’s like to be in your shoes, and will always act in your best interests.

Nobody knows property better than us.

To ensure our service stays at the forefront of the industry, we’re also proud members of the Leading Property Managers Association of New Zealand. As a result, we’ll always be up-to-date on the latest changes in tenancy law, and our staff members attend regular training sessions to make sure everyone is fully informed.

99.9% of our tenants pay rent on time. This means our landlords always recieve their rental payments on time, everytime
We manage over 200 properties of our own, and deploy our proven systems to give other landlords like yourself the ultimate hands-off experience when engaging our services.
We understand what you need as property owners, because we are investors ourselves. In fact, we’ve developed and managed over $100m in property of own in Auckland and are the only property management company to do so!


Property management is no longer a matter of just collecting rent on an investment you own. It’s gotten a lot more complicated.

It all adds up:

  • Ensuring you comply with the latest legislative changes,
  • Dealing with problematic tenants that don’t pay on time,
  • Holding viewings for that vacant property keeping you up at night,
  • Dealing with late night phone calls when a pipe bursts,
  • Inspections,
  • Advertising vacant properties…

It’s a full-time job, and to get it done right requires a professional equipped with the right tools, resources, and experience to deal with all of the above scenarios, and more.

You wouldn’t do your own surgery on your body, so why risk mismanagement of one of your other most valuable assets?

Work with a professional team that takes care of it all:

  • Finding you the best tenants, at the best rental rates, in the shortest time possible…
  • Proactively keeping on top of issues long before they snowball into larger ones…
  • Making sure your property complies with the latest law changes…
  • And providing you with easy to understand statements to make your accounting easy - it’s a no brainer.

About Us

At Clarke Group Property Management, we’re property management specialists, striving to deliver a professional and efficient experience for each one of our clients – because we care.

All of our resources, capabilities and internal processes are laser focused on ensuring our property investors receive the best possible service and return on their investment.

When you choose to partner with CGPM, you can expect your Property Manager to be genuinely interested in your needs, to always be respectful, and to work with you to maximise returns and grow your portfolio.

Transparent and Tailored Solutions

We pride ourselves on our open communication and transparency with both owners and tenants. A big part of why we don’t have fixed contracts is because we have nothing to hide!

All property owners have 24-hour access to their records, invoices, statements, tenancy details, and property transactions.

We’ve made communication a cornerstone of our service from the beginning. Our property owners are always kept up-to-date with information regarding their property - so they’re never in the dark.

One Point Of Contact

No one likes to be passed around from person to person, especially not when it comes to the management of their investment property.

That’s why at CGPM we’ve developed a systemised and operational based approach to property management that enables us to build great relationships with our landlords.

From the moment you come on board you will be assigned a dedicated property manager as your one point of contact for everything - giving each client and property the personalised attention they deserve.

Premium Innovative Marketing and Tenant Selection

We are people of the digital age, and use the latest advertising methods to achieve the best return for our clients - from video tours to the use of augmented reality tools during viewings. This dedication to innovation has the net effect of reducing vacancy times for your property to the shortest possible.

We find amazing tenants for your property - that will keep it well maintained and pay rent on time.

We are proud members of Leading Property Managers Association of New Zealand and a registered property management office with the Real Estate Institute of New Zealandreinz

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Meet the team

Alana Harmon
Branch Manager
Kishan Lal
Business Development Manager
Ryan Pettigrew
Property Manager
Rocky Agbotsu
Property Manager
Austen Clarke
Chris Sutherland
General Manager
Sam Martin
Financial Controller
Felix Chen
Jennifer Stoltz
Office Administrator

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