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The Expenses of Being a Landlord

Are you thinking about renting out a property? While it is true that rentals can offer a healthy profit, you should also be able aware of landlord expenses. Maintenance of the property, landlord travel expenses, and landlord insurance costs can all...

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11 Facts About Living in Auckland

Auckland is a great place with plenty of activities and much of the population originating outside of New Zealand. People from all over the globe come to live here, and no wonder – this modern, beautiful, and fast-growing city has firmly taken its...

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Is Your Rental Property A Healthy Home?

In February 2019 the Government announced the new Healthy Homes Standards.  These standards will become law on 1 July 2019, and aim to improve heating, insulation, ventilation and drainage, reduce moisture and stop draughts. The ultimate aim of the...

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Expenses You Can Claim As A Landlord

Did you know if you own a rental property you can claim on a variety of expenses at tax return time? These expenses must relate to the costs of generating rental income, and must not include costs for private use. Now you must be wondering well what...

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Addressing Tenancy Law Reforms

With news breaking on the proposed reforms to tenancy law, tenants and landlords alike are unsure how it’ll affect them. Today we’ll talk about what the proposed changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean for landlords and tenants. With letting...

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