If you feel that your property manager is not meeting the standards they promised to carry out, contact the person in charge of the company or your property manager and ask for an explanation. Sometimes it might just come down to poor communication between the two of you, and there are valid reasons as to why you feel they are under delivering.

However, if this is not the case, then the next best step you should consider is changing property managers, to one that will meet your needs. Shop around and ask potential property managers for a thorough explanation of how they will manage your investment, their management authority contract and the responsibilities they take on board in exchange for their service (check out our article on questions you should be asking your property manager here).

Ensure that what they promise is in writing and that you know they can deliver on them as a professional. This will help you weigh up your options, and make an informed decision. Please make sure to check the terms of your current contract to ensure meet all clauses when terminating the old agreement.

If you are unhappy with your current property manager and would like to switch to CGPM, get in touch with one our team members and they will be sure to help you out. We will work with you to make the switch painless.

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