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Secure amazing tenants in the shortest amount of time

The best tenants aren’t necessarily looking for the cheapest properties – they’re looking for a great place to live.

You may be wondering what amenities and convenience features you should focus on so that these “dream tenants” will find you in their search..

Your appraisal will take advantage of our wealth of experience to highlight exactly what makes your listing valuable to these renters.

And if you feel like you’re coming up against the ceiling price for your area, a rent appraisal from CGPM will give you a true professional assessment of the property based on these features – allowing you to set your rent with confidence.

Of course, this also sets you up for the best returns possible as you’ll be able to set appropriate rent increases, according to the market, without the fear of losing great tenants.

Clarke Group Property Management ensures that landlords have rent reviews done for them on a regular basis.

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If you’re thinking about renting out your home and want to know what it’s worth, or you have any doubts about the rental levels of your properties – get in touch with us and we’ll help you today.

Clarke Group Property Management offers free rental appraisals to help you as a landlord to:

  • Gain reassurance that you’re maximising your rental returns
  • Reduce down times, lost rent and vacancy rates
  • Assure protection from potential disputes at the Tenancy Tribunal
  • Get you the best tenants, at the best possible rates, in the shortest time possible

ZERO hassle, ZERO fuss. The way property management was always meant to be.


When your property is tenanted and you receive a rental appraisal…

“My property is worth more than I thought. Can I Increase the rent for existing tenancies?” This is a great question.

Once you have obtained a rental appraisal, and discover that you could potentially be under-charging for your property, you may want to increase the rent accordingly.

A document such as a rental appraisal will help lower the chance of losing good tenants during this process.

You can be confident in your decision:

It’s good practice to provide tenants with a justification for a rent increase, and a rental appraisal from a reputable company like CGPM will show your tenants that you’re basing your actions on expert recommendations and real data.

As per Tenancy law, you can legally increase the rent once every 180 days, or within the first six months of a new tenancy beginning. The tenant must be notified in writing of any upcoming increase at least 60 days beforehand, and must be at a fair market level. This notice can be sent before the end of the 180 days is over, as long as you give the notice once 120 days have passed since the last raise.

Please keep in mind that if the tenants have signed a fixed term agreement, there needs to be a specific clause within the agreement’s conditions stating that the rent can be increased during the fixed term.

Protection from Tenancy Tribunal

Receiving the maximum amount of rent is always ideal, but you never want to charge too much either, as this can come back to bite you!

If you exorbitantly over-price your rental property, you may find yourself with a problem nobody wants – a desperate tenant, and potential trouble with the Tenancy Tribunal. With fines for misconduct of up to $1000, you may have previously guessed low when it came to your rental pricing just to be on the safe side of the law

By obtaining your rental appraisal from a professional property management company like CGPM, you can be satisfied you’re charging the correct amount and that you’re complying with Tenancy Law.

ZERO hassle, ZERO fuss. The way property management was always meant to be.

Your Appraisal is completely free, and will provide you with the data you need to make informed decisions about your property.

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